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Satisfied Customer Testimonials

Better than the Exterminators
�Just a note to let you know how pleased we were that the non-toxic treatment you applied for control of the ants was successful, while treatment by the hired exterminators had repeatedly failed. Thanks, and best regards.� Dr. J. Navarro Ottawa, Ontario

No Ants in Sight
"Two years in a row we were plagued with invasions of carpenter ants, with no cure in sight. The third summer with Ever Green Pest Control relief finally came and within a month there were no ants in sight � and they have not returned!" M. Ouellon Ottawa, Ontario

Safe to open the Cupboards
"Mrs. Barbara (from Ever Green Pest Control) has done a good job for me, now I can sleep and I am not afraid to open my kitchen cupboards under the sink � my mice are gone. I had them since the summer (four month). I will recommend her to people who have my problem � she is knowledgeable and very polite." J. Leury, Gloucester,

A Better Mousetrap
We had a mouse problem in our small apartment building. The exterminators came twice- in December and again in February, but we still had mice. I decided to call Barbara and she installed live traps in the apartments. Catching the mice live and releasing them solved our problem within a few weeks. We are delighted and so are the tenants - this is a very effective method!" L.Lacombe Ottawa, Ontario

No More "Buggies"!
"Thank you very much for your help with our confused Flour Beetle problem�.I had a regular exterminator come in twice to spray the house last summer. I also sprayed the kitchen a few times myself during the fall. Very time consuming as all the food had to be removed and the kitchen utensils washed after spraying. Also the smell was not pleasant. You suggested that I use � and seal all cracks between cupboard floors� we have finally eliminated them. I hadn�t realized the stress that they had put on me. The kids laugh every time I walk into the kitchen and say �no buggies!� I am enjoying being in the kitchen again. THANKS" J.Lardener Dunrobin, Ontario

Experienced and Honest
" I recommend Ever Green Pest Control. I am a person that cannot breath chemical products; they make me sick. My first problem was with mice. Barbara from EGPC used mousetraps and they worked wonders. The second problem was with sow bugs and they are gone, too. We are now free of mice and sow bugs. Barbara from EGPC is very experienced in her work and very honest with people. Thank you." M. Potvin Ottawa, Ontario

I would recommend Ever Green Pest Control
"After discovering my apartment was infested with bed bugs, I wanted to get rid of the creatures as quickly as possible without the use of chemicals. Barbara from Ever Green Pest Control was very compassionate and quick to respond to this problem. Thanks to Barbara I was able to finally get rid of all the bed bugs. I would recommend Ever Green Pest Control as a safe and natural way to control pests!" B. Dean Ottawa, ON

Environmentally friendly, quick and effective...
"Quick, effective and environmentally friendly. Barbara at Ever Green Pest Control was able to rid us of a bothersome rat and ensure the safety of the children in our daycare at the same time. She provided outstanding service that went far beyond our expectations." Mrs. B. childcare center supervisor, Ottawa

Cockroaches gone...
"Barbara, it has been some time now since we last met. I would like to say at this time how much we appreciate the magnificent job you did in ridding us of the cockroaches that infested our home. Good job well done." Mr. H. A., Nepean

Safe and efective wasp removal
"We were happy with Ever Green Pest Control for doing a wasp removal job in the inside of our home. Service was prompt and effective and did not affect the kids or the cats. C. Kirk, Ottawa
"Mold found and removed! Thanks for insisting that the mold must have been in the insulation. I finally found where the stuff is. I am having the insulation taken out.... Anyways, very happy that you insisted that the mold was there in that insulation so I could find it. Thank you." A. Barrie, Kanata

"Thank you for your good hard work. It�s working. Have a great day. Sincerely, Bethany, (Dental Office Building)

Thanks for your work - they are gone!
Also great info about the reverse grading - we will rectify but probably not until next summer. All the best, Jane K., Ottawa