Mice and Rats - Points of Entry

Here we are showing you some common and not so common mouse entry points. It is important to close these entry points for the following reasons:
  • Cut off access to outside food sources for the mice living inside the building. This will increase your trapping sucess on the inside.
  • Prevent reinfestations at a later time.

One small detail that can be very helpful when you are looking for entry points are the mouse droppings. They often are a good indicator of mouse activity and where entry points are located, esp. in larger and/or longstanding infestations.

The use of a mirror is sometimes helpful in finding hidden entry points.

A very common entry point: the airconditioner unit pipes entering the home have a sealant that often fails and needs fixing or replacing. Silicone is better then mastic type compounds. Try to get it inside the opening a bit so it has a better chance of staying in place.

This small area underneath the pipes is enough of a gap for mice to enter.

This pipe is just above a weeping gap, so you need to close that weeping gap with a nonrusting material like copper mesh to prevent mice from coming in, no caulking here please, no steelwool either, it would rust. Copper scratching pads for pots will do the job if you are just doing your own place.
Generally these weep gaps in between the bricks are okay and should not be closed up, only if a pipe enters in that area. They are to let moisture out that may get stuck behind the bricks, so no parging or caulking!

This water pipe has a large opening around it were rodents can easily fit through and gain instant access to the interior of the house.

  1.  Here an exhaust fan is located through a ventilation opening. On either side of the exhaust fan there were spaces for mice to enter that were not easy to see. Paying attention to detail really helps.

Garage doors are notorious for letting rodents in, often on either side. The missing rubber seal helps to let water flow out of the garage, but also lets mice or rats inside. Often from there, they go into the house. Try to keep bird and grass seed and petfood covered, so rodents are less attracted. In colder climates they will like the garage anyways because it provides shelter.

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