Evergreen Pest Control Services - About Us

Ever Green Pest Control, eco-friendly is a company specializing in non-toxic indoor pest control. The company was founded by Barbara Stein, to help people with their pest problems in an ecological way and to help reduce our exposure to pesticides.

Barbara Stein serves the Ottawa and surrounding area with a wide range of services. She specializes in the eradication of indoor pests without the use of pesticides and has over 20 years of experience in building maintenance. To arrange a home visit consultation, please contact us at Evergreen Pest Control. During home visit consultations she will mention other areas of the home that may need attention, like for example reverse grading around the foundation of the home.

With the increase in pollution in our everyday lives it is especially important to reduce exposure to harmful substances whenever we can. The current law does not factor in the danger of multiple or repeat exposure to pesticides and chemicals and increasingly government policy writers rely on company sponsored �research� for recommendations about pesticide safety! "Inert ingredients" are not specified on the label and can be every bit as toxic as the active components!

"Often my customers ask me how I got into this kind of work. While I was working in the property maintenance field, in one year we had two buildings with carpenter ant problems. After having a reputable pest control company service the buildings for four years, I started to react to the pesticides and after the last two treatments had to stay out of the building for two weeks because of sensitivities. (I would get a sore throat when entering my unit.) When the carpenter ants started showing up again the following spring in the fifth year, I knew that pesticides were not an option for me anymore. There had to be a better way to deal with the carpenter ants! After successfully dealing with the ant infestations, I decided to share what I had learned; to create the company that I would have liked to hire for our carpenter ant problems."

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