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Got Carpenter Ants?
We provide complete instructions on how to remove carpenter ants from your home through our innovative, non-toxic approach. You won't find this information anywhere else. We will work with you until your carpenter ants are gone! Many homes with carpenter ants also have a mold problem. Learn why »| Order now! »

Pesticides pose a serious and often underestimated threat to human health and the environment. Many studies published in prestigious, peer-reviewed medical and epidemiological journals and reports point to strong associations between chemical pesticides and serious health consequences... Learn more »

Better than the Exterminators - “Just a note to let you know how pleased we were that the non-toxic treatment you applied for control of the ants was successful, while treatment by the hired exterminators had repeatedly failed. Thanks, and best regards.” Dr. J. Navarro
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I really do this myself? I have heard that carpenter ant removal is difficult if the nest is not found and treated. Yes, you can do this yourself. Carpenter ant control is possible and quite simple. Learn more here »

Order Carpenter Ant Info
Our do-it-yourself package includes complete instructions for carpenter ant removal and e-mail and phone support. If you follow the instructions carefully you will not need a pesticide applicator (exterminator) nor will you need to use any toxic chemicals. Order here »

Ever Green Pest Control - Who and what we are...
Ever Green Pest Control, eco-friendly is a company specializing in non-toxic indoor pest control. Barbara Stein founded the company to help people with their pest problems in an ecological way and to help reduce our exposure to pesticides.
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Ottawa Pest Control
We offer a wide range of non-toxic and safe pest control services in the Ottawa area, focusing on pests that are usually controlled with pesticide applications. These include mice, rats, mites, sowbugs, carpenter bees, cockroaches, moth like Indian mealmoth, confused flour beetles and similar nuisances. For these we offer non-toxic alternatives. Learn more »